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iEveli continually scouts and cherry picks brands carefully. Quality, eco-sustainability and style are the staples of the search and selection.

The companies we work with are led by women, since Ieveli believes and supports female entrepreneurship and is keen on introducing you to renaissance and success stories, the secret ingredient making each appointment special.

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0 – 24 months

It’s a perfect mix of Nordic style and Italian quality, an Italian brand with a Dutch soul. It’s a lifestyle The clothing is in organic bamboo, are extremely soft and also practical and comfortable. Day after day the company of Pascalle is ‘booming’

Origami Organic

0 - 24 months

There is so much behind the brand; an extraordinary project for an excellent quality. Organic cotton and milk fiber, natural materials rich of benefits for our little one’s skin. Maria Maddalena, Giuditta e Sonia, three brialliant girls, who are able to realize their creations thanks to crowdfunding

Bebe Organic

3 months – 6 years

Romantic style and clothes with a vintage touch here and there; only the best organic materials to protect babyskin from chemicals. Birgit has a passion for details and the designs are handled by expert hands to ensure that every single item of clothing is made to the highest possible standard.

Eve Children

3 months – 12 years

Contemporary styles without exaggerations, great style and possibility to dress also older kids with refinement. The sisters Evelia and Inma give you the possibility to dress and combine all your kids together, boy or girl and why not even twins.


3 months – 12 years

It’s a pure timeless classic brand. Through tenacity and professionalism, Sandrine gave life to a timeless collection, made with attention to the smallest details with a royal style.

Infantium Victoria

12 months – 12 years

Inspired to a clear and strong concept of eco-sostenability in fashion. Exuberant and determinate, as their creation is, Julia and Denie gave their vegan brand life through their mission to educate our children and the future generation to respect nature. Thanks to their scrupulous work, they let you know for every single piece the production chain. Everything is just extraordinary.

Fagiolino Cashmere

over 12 months, and Mini Me

Pastel coloured, delicate style, the softness of precious cashmere. And even more: capsule collection coordinate for mums and dads plus an innovative system for sizes, as every single dress go with the child growth as long as possible. This brand reflects Theresa’s passions: for the made in Italy, for Tuscany where she has been adopted and for her son, as which she dedicated the Fagiolino Cashmere creation.


2 – 12 years

It’s not necessary looking for something else, Pilvi has everything you need. Every dress has been created based on recycled textiles, made by natural components and brought back in life in handmade, Italian taste creations. Thanks to Chiara, excellent fashion talent, for the gift that your creations and company are able to transmit. Try only to read the labels and you understand what we are talking about.

Giro Quadro

2 – 12 years

Dina and Serena just let you have your daydream. Much bon ton e attention for an essential and sophisticated line at the same time, 100% made in Italy. A joy for mums and little children.


0 - 6 years old

MiaBu is synonymous for the Italian classical style, the quality one, the one always been loved by everybody: mums, granny’s and the kids themselves. The MiaBu project is Diana’s story, a lady with a charisma.

Out Of Law

2 – 12 years old

Out of Law breaks with the traditional schemes, because Out of Law is innovation from each and every point of view. With her brand, Dania’s aim is to be recognized because of the style and the innovative and ecosostainable materials. It’s a lady and an entrepreneur with a long term view.


2 – 12 years old

Does a glamour street style exist? Aga created it! for little contemporary boys and girls, practical and sophisticated at the same time. A straight forward approach to be present in our everyday life, that’s Aga and that’s Booso for Kids


New born – 4 years

Carla and Elisa, mother and daughter, are the pulsing heart of their company representing traditions and innovation for the whole baby fashion sector. The extreme attention to detail, style, textile research, packaging and the great passion of Carla and Elisa are the key to provide MiMù with the “once upon a time” taste of beauty and quality identifying the “Made
in Italy”.

Atelier Parsmei

2 – 8 years old

A 360 degree sustainability approach for this brand established by Darshana whose meaning is “part of me”. To combine fashion passion affecting the planet as less as possible, meanwhile helping her country little girls by way of education and training. A very ambitious goal mirroring on both textile and style highly researched for mothers and daughters
unique moments.

Botanica Boo

3 months – 3 years

Botanica Boo proves that ethics and sustainability applied to fashion guarantee the same style as ever. Raffaella’s brand is the essence of cherished and poetry implemented to certified organic fiber, totally and skillfully manufactured in Italy. Collections inspired by six hundreds botanical pictures permeate all with botanical chic sense.

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