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iEveli is the way my grandmother Evelina was called. A woman of extraordinary strength and optimism, who became an entrepreneur in the 40s in a small village in southern Italy thanks to the fashion and textile trade.
Today iEveli is myself, Annalisa, former manager and mother of 3 wonderful children; and it is my project in support of other mothers, women who have pursued a dream, who have been able to reinvent themselves, who face family challenges and work with energy and satisfaction every day.

iEveli believes in women entrepreneurs: all those leading the companies that produce the wonderful products I have chosen to bring into your homes and allow you to discover in-depth, feel and touch every detail and the story that each piece has to tell.

iEveli is thought for those who, like me, love to dress their children up in sophisticated, quality clothing; those who, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, still want to experience shopping as a moment of pleasure.
iEveli is my vision of a system of networking and female solidarity, it is the vocation to a sustainable economy in an eco-friendly environment, where to raise our children, our future.

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