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iEveli is the first in house service baby boutique in Milan.

From Monday to Sunday we bring to your home, by appointment, the most exclusive childrenswear 0-12 years old.

Booking an appointment is easy: register and log in to your account by clicking here, choose day and time based on availability on the calendar and wait for the day to arrive.

A personal shopper will knock on your door with all the equipment needed to present the brands carefully selected for you.

An hour of your time to let yourself and your little ones  enter iEveli’s world and  surprise you with the quality of the garments, the attention to details and the feminine stories they hold.

For more details or curiosity access the frequently asked questions area.


How does it work?

iEveli is the first door-to-door baby boutique. We bring to your home, upon appointment, the most exclusive baby fashion. Only one hour of your time, every day from Monday to Sunday.

Which services does iEveli offer?

iEveli is a boutique “on the move”; the advantage is that we come to you and your child. Hassle-free, according to your day and time needs, you will rediscover the pleasure of shopping within the intimacy of your home with a sales consultant who will advise and pamper you.

 Services we offer:

  • Personal Shopper: we can help you create the perfect look for your children for any occasion and step of their growth.
  •  Gifting: we are committed to finding for you the perfect gift for birthdays, baby showers and any other unforgettable moment. We only need a few indications (budget, event to celebrate).
  •  Gift Cards: if you are spoilt for choice and unable to choose or if you simply want friends or relatives to enjoy a new shopping experience with iEveli, we offer gift vouchers for whoever and in the value you wish, to be spent in our baby boutique.

Where is iEveli available?

iEveli is currently available in Milan only. If during the appointment reservation your area is not served yet, contact us at We will try to find alternative solutions for you.

Who comes to my home?

Myself, Annalisa, or a personal shopper. We well know the brands we offer and our goal is to present the best collections and share with you the stories of the businesswomen whom these creations were born to.

Which brands belong to the selection?

iEveli continually scouts and cherry picks brands carefully. Quality, eco-sustainability and style are the staples of the search and selection. The companies we work with are led by women, since iEveli believes and supports female entrepreneurship. Behind each garment is their story, the ingredient that makes each appointment unique.

Our collections are exclusive, therefore sizes per model are only available in limited quantities.

Hurry and book your appointment to ensure the widest range and the best selections.

Does my purchase come with a package?

You are already at home and you might not need a package to carry your purchase! This also helps us to limit the waste of paper and plastic and contribute to eco-sustainable fashion. However, upon your request and in case of gifting, your purchase will be carefully wrapped in the distinctive and ecological iEveli packaging.

Are there any gift cards available?

In case of present, iEveli provides you personalized gift card with the amount you prefer.

Can I change a product?

You can return and change any item within 14 days further to the purchase date. The merchandise must be returned in its original condition, unworn, with the tags and the receipt.

You could change it with every other item in sale during the in season collection and with, eventually, a price adjustment.

Send an email to to request the return and you will receive all the details.

What payment methods do you accept?

We do accept Cash money, Debit and Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express), Satispay, Paypal

How do I book an appointment with iEveli?

 To book an appointment you have to sign up here and create an account.

Log in, book the appointment on the agenda and fill in the form with all the required information. To allow us to personalize the appointment, do not forget to include as much information as possible in the “notes” field (e.g.: if it is a gift; if any special wearability needs, style preferences, etc.) 

Select your desired day and time slot from the calendar based on your needs and according to availability. If the appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email with all the details.

You cannot book multiple appointments at a time. The system allows you to insert another request only once the first booking expires.

What day/time can I book an appointment?

You can request an appointment for any day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, starting from 10.00 am, in the time slot that suits you best. Each appointment lasts about 90 minutes. To allow us to best organize our agenda, you cannot book an appointment for the same day and the reservations for the next day stop at 6 p.m 

Does the location for the appointment need to comply any special requirement?

Nothing special. iEveli arrives with all the equipment needed to present the collections at the very best.

Do you charge any extra cost for the in house service?

No extra costs for the door-to-door service.
Recommended retail pricing apply.

Is there any obligation to buy?

There is no obligation to buy. As when you visit a boutique and take a look, iEveli show cases the collection at your private home without any obligation for you to buy.

What do I need to provide for the appointment?

A room in your house and not more than 90 minutes of your time will be enough, nothing else. If you wish other people to join the appointment, we will be happy to welcome all your guests to this new shopping experience.

Who can join the appointment?

It’s your home, so feel free to invite whoever you want! However bear in mind that a 1 hour appointment is most suitable to present the collections for 3 kids maximum. We want to dedicate to you all the time deeemed necessary to show you the most suitable clothes that we bring at your place for your kids.

For any need, please send us an e-mail to and we will arrange the most suitable solution for you.

Furthermore, when booking for an appointment, please be aware of the dedictaed filed “note” in order to entitle you to proviide us with all relevant info helping us to prepare our presentation and t the best and selected items to bring.

How long does an appointment last?

Each appointment lasts from almost 90 minutes. One hour or slightly more to get to know the brands and the story of the women who lead them, discover every single product detail, try them on your kids and buy.

How do I cancel an appointment?

For any reasons you might need to cancel your appointment, you can do so through your account with 4 hour advance notice. You can also modify date and time to schedule a new appointment. We will be happy to come when it is more convenient to you!

Can I change my booking?

If you have entered incorrect data at the time of booking or if you need to change your appointment (e.g. date, address etc.), log in to your account and cancel the reservation by clicking on the “bin” icon. Then, proceed with a new and correct booking.

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